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Milk Production & 

Transportation Monitoring

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The Milk Moovement 


The Milk Moovement System is a comprehensive tool designed to help producers, processors, transporters and regulatory boards track dairy production and quality. 

The system starts with a state of the art transportation handheld system. Designed for rugged Android devices, the system is simple and elegant, making drivers' routes a breeze. 

With all production recorded, the system uses a cloud based web and mobile solution that gives users access to their information in real-time. By pulling in certified lab quality results, the system integrates performance metrics right at the producer's fingertips. 

Features that make production monitoring simple for everyone

Driver Handheld

The driver handheld system makes it quick and easy to track pickups and dropoffs.

Producer Mobile App

Makes it easy for producers to track their production and quality results while in the field.

Admin Portal

Makes it easy for administrators to monitor total production and evaluate performance.

Lab Integration

Integrates with provincially certified labs to offer live quality results.

Processor Portal

Gives processors direct access to the information on the product they are receiving.

Producer Portal

Offers in-depth information on current production, quality, historical data and file sharing.

The Transportation Handheld 


The transportation system fits perfectly into drivers hands making it easy for them to complete daily tasks and track everything along the way. The system was designed in collaboration with drivers. Best of all the system links into the producer portal in real time so everyone is on the same page, no matter where they are.
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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Producer Production and Quality Management System

The producer production window is available in both a web portal and mobile format making it easy for producers to track their production in the field or in the office. The system also monitors month over month performance and provides simple file sharing between producers and their regulatory board.

Moore possibilities to grow 

customize your system.

We customize the system to fit the exact needs of each client we work with. Tracking Organic Milk? No Problem. Variable Trailers? No problem. No matter what the need our team will work with you to find the perfect solution.

Experienced Business Team

Our business team has experience in software as well as the dairy sector. With experience from multiple successful startups and dairy regulatory boards, we know the pains you face and how to leverage the possible solutions available. 

Full Stack Development Team

Our experienced development team have a combined 35 years industry experience. We have all sections of development covered from mobile devices to professional, industrial web portals. We pride ourselves on keeping our tech up to speed with the most recent and capable development tools. 

Elegant Design Team

We believe good design is the key to good software. You won't find outdated clunky portals and reports with us. That is why we have a full experienced design team that work directly with boards, producers and transports to make sure our solution fits the needs of all end users. 

We will lead you 

through the customization process

Our team makes it simple for you to customize the perfect solution for your team. We use a simple three-step process to ensure a simple yet powerful custom solution development. 
Customization Requirement

We start with a meeting with the board and end users. This lets us outline all the current requirements and what customization is needed.


We start putting all custom requirements into the system. We update you every step along the way and continuously consult end users.


We train the all users on the system and it's help line. Then you are ready to roll out to all of your producers, processors and transporters.

Ready To See What Milk Moovement Can Do For 


We are ready to help you make your production and quality tracking quick and simple. Contact us today to get your process started!

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Our team are always ready to get Milk Moovement in the hands of more producers. Contact us to learn how we can solve your transportation, quality and production tracking needs!

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